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Rocky III Rocky Balboa Vs Clubber Lang 2nd Fight James Clubber Lang is a fictional character created by Sylvester Stallone for the film Rocky III, which was released in 1982. Lang serves as the main antagonist of the film and was portrayed by Mr. T.. Lang is a professional boxer fighting out of Chicago, Illinois and a one-time world heavyweight champion, having taken the title from Rocky Balboa only to lose it back to Balboa in his next fight James Clubber Lang (born May 21st, 1958), also nicknamed The Southside Slugger, is an American former professional boxer who competed in the Heavyweight division during the 1980s. He reigned as the undisputed heavyweight champion and acts as the main antagonist in Rocky III. Lang rose to prominence in 1981 (Rocky III), storming through the ranks and defeating all challengers, Lang. ROCKY vs CLUBBER LANG (PARODY) Report. Browse more videos. Playing next. 4:45. Rocky Legends - Rocky Balboa keko Vs Clubber Lang. Championmy. 1:01. Clubber Lang/Mr T ForeShadows His Fight with Rocky/Slyvester Stallone (Rocky 3) Marcia Evans. 2:09. Rocky Joe Joyce VS Simon Clubber Lang O Donnell o_0

Rocky VS Clubber Lang! Come Come Come on. on on hit hit it. me up. That's That's right right hand hand is is just just like like a a trip trip hammer. hammer The only fool we may pity is Rocky himself after taking on Clubber Lang for the first time. Yikes! RELATED: 10 Most Memorable Quotes From The Rocky Franchise Few foes are as formidable as Mr. T playing the smack-talking Clubber Lang Rocky vs Clubber Lang. Cine de Acción. April 11, 2019 · Rocky III (1982) # SylvesterStallone # CineDeAccion. Related Videos. 2:26. Moises Abre el Mar Rojo. Cine de Acción. 587 views · April 11. 4:18. Carrera de cuadrigas. Cine de Acción. 1.3K views · April 9. 2:59. Rocky Balboa conoce a SylvesterStallone

Rocky Legends - Rocky Balboa keko Vs Clubber Lang. Championmy. 1:01. Clubber Lang/Mr T ForeShadows His Fight with Rocky/Slyvester Stallone (Rocky 3) Marcia Evans. 2:09. Rocky Joe Joyce VS Simon Clubber Lang O Donnell o_0. Marvinrafe. 13:20. rocky legends clubber lang part 1. Thegamingmanxd. 6:17 Clubber Lang on Sylvester Stallonen luoma ja Mr. T:n esittämä elokuvahahmo, joka esiintyy elokuvassa Tiikerinsilmä - Rocky III.Se oli Mr. T:n ensimmäinen elokuvarooli. Eräässä Rocky Balboan käsikirjoitusversiossa Clubber Lang on kommentaattorina Rocky vs. Dixon -ottelussa. selvennä lähde Rocky III (1982) Mr. T as Clubber Lang. [Crowd yelling/disapproves Rocky's choice to retire; Clubber appears in the crowd

The two bouts between Balboa and Clubber Lang in Rocky III were, yes, just as bonkers as the first two films. In the first fight, won by Lang by devastating knockout, there were 71 total punches. Following his defeat to the legendary Rocky Balboa, the one and only James 'Clubber' Lang soon descended into an abyss of alcohol and various illicit substances, the defeat having badly damaged his self-esteem, almost to the point of no return. Du.. The main reasons Rocky Balboa lost to Clubber were that he no longer had the eye of the tiger & his trainer Mickey had a heart attack just before the fight. Rocky was a great fighter even in Rocky III, but he wasn't properly motivated & did not.. Lang is meant to be how Balboa was in the first rocky; hungry for the win the eye of the tiger. If you look at the demeanor of Balboa in Rocky 3 & Creed in Rocky 1, it's the exact same This story leads to the discovery of Mr. T who went on to give an incredible performance as Clubber Lang, explained Stallone. In Rocky III, I thought we should use a real fighter just to.

Madison Square Garden, NY, 1982. Philly fighter Rocky Balboa has won back the heavyweight championship of the world after decimating the intimidating and tough-as-nails James 'Clubber' Lang inside three rounds, avenging his defeat a year earlier and pulling the brakes on Lang's 28-fight winning streak Both Clubber and Viktor are the classic super strong brawler type boxers, but Viktor is about 20 pounds heavier and 5 inches taller than Clubber according to their wiki pages. Clubber might have better durability seeing as how he tanked most of Rocky's attacks in the first two rounds and didn't even seem bothered, but I don't think he'd.

clobber lang took an over confident weaken rocky who had brain damage..rocky fought reckness Clubber is still a more powerful Boxer than Rocky and Apollo... 11 years ag Rocky just went through a long training camp and a championship fight (albeit three rounds) with Clubber Lang. You can make the case that Rocky is in better shape than Apollo at the time of the fight, because Apollo was, in fact, helping Rocky train, and not training for a title fight himself (unless he was secretly training that entire time. Rocky Series 3 includes Rocky Balboa and our first-ever figure of Clubber Lang! First name Mister, middle name Period, last name T. If you were wondering how we could possibly top Bloody Spit Rocky from Series 2, meet Clubber Lang.. 2012 marks the 30th anniversary of Rocky III, in which Rocky Balboa fights and is beaten bloody by Clubber Lang, losing his world championship A Rocky-sorozat egy nyolc filmből álló boksz-saga, melynek központi alakja a kisstílű bokszolóból lett bajnok, Rocky Balboa.A filmek többségét (a Creed kivételével) Sylvester Stallone írta és a főszereplőt is ő alakította, valamint négy részt saját maga rendezett. Rocky Balboa kitalált amerikai ökölvívó, egyike a filmtörténelem legismertebb és legheroikusabb.

Biografía. Poco se sabe acerca de Clubber Lang. Según su biografía en Rocky: The Ultimate Guide, Clubber Lang quedó huérfano a temprana edad, y pasó la mayor parte de su infancia en las calles de Chicago, orfanatos y centros de menores.. Siendo adulto, Clubber fue enviado a prisión por cinco años acusado de un delito de asalto Clubber Lang, for all his faults, does actully demonstraight more technical prowless that Twister. He actullyhas pretty good ring control. When he realises he cant hit rocky with his hooks (and to be fair to twister, he does actully throw more jabs that Clubber Lang) he pucnhes rocky into a cnnor to his him easier

Buy Rocky T-Shirt VS Clubber Lang Poster Natural Tee: Rocky T-Shirt Clubber Lang Southside Slugger Black Heather Tee 3.8 out of 5 stars 6. $21.99 - $25.99. Rocky T-Shirt B&W Clubber Lang Portrait Black Heather Tee 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. $21.99 - $25.99. Teelocity Rocky Balboa vs Drago Graphic T-Shirt 4.3 out of 5 stars 25. $18.99. Sylvester Stallone Rocky 3 Clubber art print 12x14 signed and dated Bill Pruitt billpruittart 5 out of 5 stars (110) $ 15.00. Only 1 left Rocky Balboa vs Clubber Lang Fridge Magnet 2 x 3 inch Mr. T FatAlligatorStudio 5 out of 5 stars (396) $ 4.00. Favorit Rocky III is a 1982 American sports drama film written, directed by, and starring Sylvester Stallone. It is the third installment in the Rocky film series, and the second in the franchise to be directed by Stallone.. The movie features returning co-stars Carl Weathers, Burgess Meredith, Talia Shire, Burt Young and Tony Burton. Rocky III also marks the film debuts of Mr. T as James Clubber. This item Doppelganger33 LTD Rocky Balboa Vs Clubber Lang Wall Art Multi Panel Poster Print 47x33 inches. Boxing Poster Rocky Poster Boxing Sports Colorful Canvas Wall Art Movie Decor for Kitchen Wall Decor Rocky vs Apollo Picture Drawing Room Decor Artwork. Tomorrow sunny 24X36 INCH/Art Silk Poster/Rocky Balboa Movie Poster - 008. The character of Clubber Lang is one of the only bad guys to be played by perennial hero Mr. T. Not much was shown of the character's personal life in Rocky III , and the person behind the in-ring.

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  1. In Rocky III, Madison Square Garden provided the setting for the final rematch between Rocky Balboa and Clubber Lang.Only an establishing shot of the Garden was used in this film, so there's really nothing to see here in terms of Rocky.. Sylvester Stallone has attended events at the Garden in years past, including a September, 1977 boxing match between Muhammad Ali and Ernie Shavers
  2. Joe Frazier lost part as Clubber Lang in 'Rocky III' after Stallone needed stitches by Nick Vadala , Posted: March 13, 2017 If Sylvester Stallone would have gotten his way in the 1980s, Rocky III would have had Philly's most famous fictional fighter going toe-to-toe with the city's most beloved real-life heavyweight boxing champ
  3. Ivan Drago and Clubber Lang have agreed to boxing's next super fight. Today, Dalton and Sonny will each be backing a competitor, making a case for why their fighter would win in this hypothetical super-fight a super-fight that should have been the subject of the fifth movie in the Rocky franchise
  4. ―Jack Jarrell to Clubber Lang [[Rocky Legends|[src]]] Jack Jarrell (born 1949) is an American former professional boxer who competed during the 1980s until an unknown time. He competed in the Heavyweight Division and was nicknamed Jackhammer. Jarrell also served an unknown amount of time in a Chicago State Penitentiary. He is a playable.

Clubber Lang, KO 3. In Rocky III, Clubber Lang, after beating Rocky in the first fight, said Rocky was tailor-made for him because all Rocky would do was charge in, upon where Clubber's superior strength and power would lay him flat. Rocky had to change to a more stick-and-move style for the second fight in order to stand a chance Apollo Creed vs. Clubber Lang. Everything Rocky! THE SPECTRUM. CREED (2016) ROCKY BALBOA (2006) ROCKY BALBOA SPOILERS. Fan Art. ROCKY Video Games. I agree that rocky had more stamina than clubber, but clubber had more than you think. Clubber hit rocky with everything that he had, and when they didn't hurt rocky anymore, he was done. It wasn. That wouldn't necessarily be the case against Clubber Lang since Lang has very publicly shown his aggressive style and hitting power. I feel like Duke would really sit Apollo down and make him watch tape of Lang, and they would come up with largely the same strategy Apollo gives to Rocky, to outlast Lang using his speed and defense to keep him. 'Creed II' Almost Featured the Return of Mr. T's Clubber Lang. as Mr. T almost returned as Clubber Lang, the antagonist of Rocky III. I don't know if Clubber Lang will come back

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  1. a, while the guys he was fighting before were so below him he didn't have such an opportunity)<Prime Apollo<Drago
  2. Chicago tough guy Clubber Lang and Philadelphia underdog Rocky Balboa squared off twice in 1982's Rocky III. In the first matchup at The Spectrum in Philadelphia, Rocky lost his heavyweight.
  3. It would make sense for Stallone to bring back Clubber Lang. Creed in 2015 brought on Michael B. Jordan as the son of Apollo Creed, Rocky's main rival.Creed II, which was released in November.
  4. Clubber Lang vs. Ivan Drago. Everything Rocky! THE SPECTRUM. CREED (2016) ROCKY BALBOA (2006) ROCKY BALBOA SPOILERS. Fan Art. ROCKY Video Games. Memorabilia. THE CONTENDER. SYLVESTER STALLONE. Off-Topic Conversations. Sports Arena. Professional Boxing. The Locker Room. Total Rocky.com Comments. Guest Comments. Site Suggestions. Technical.

re: Who wins: Clubber Lang vs. Ivan Drago Posted by OMLandshark on 9/30/17 at 2:58 pm to partywiththelombardi Not to mention Lundgren has a 160 IQ and is a chemical engineer. Just everything going for him in this fight Rocky vs Clubber Lang. Download free Movies wallpapers and desktop backgrounds! Hi everyone! We're hard at work trying to keep our community clean, so if you see any spam, please report it here and we'll review ASAP Rocky™ Mobile Game. Step into the ring with your favorite epic characters from the ROCKY film franchise, including Rocky Balboa, Apollo Creed, Clubber Lang, and Ivan Drago! Challenge real players worldwide as you fight your way to the top! The Rocky Francise *Rocky vs. Apollo* *Rocky vs. Clubber* *Rocky vs. Drago He blitzed the helpless Balboa, out landing him 30-1 the 30th one of the most brutal knockout punches in heavyweight history. Boxing has a new heavyweight champion and his name is Clubber Lang. LANG VS. BALBOA II. KEY STATS: ROCKY OUT LANDS LANG, 32-0 IN FIRST MINUTE OF ROUND ONE; ROCKY SETS NEW COMPUBOX RECORD LANDING 49 JABS IN ROUND ON

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Clubber Lang would have to be a bit more grounded this time around. Sure, there are outlandish figures in the modern fight world. Conor McGregor in MMA and Tyson Fury in boxing come to mind, but. The life lesson of Rocky 3 is that all face first brawlers should go to a black gym and fight like a black man. I'm surprised Floyd fans don't love it. I guess since Rocky and Clubber actually.

Listen to MFF Final Fights - Episode 18 (Rocky III - Rocky Balboa Vs. Clubber Lang) and 322 more episodes by Movies, Films And Flix, free! No signup or install needed. MFF Final Fights - Episode 18 (Rocky III - Rocky Balboa vs. Clubber Lang). Episode 283 (Alien Vs. Predator, Fake Snow and Laser Cannons) Just because Clubber was way more threatening-looking doesn't mean he will beat Tommy.I think Clubber Lang and Tommy Gunn were equally tough.I mean look at Tommy's montage Go For It and Keep It Up in Rocky 5.Tommy knocks down his opponents just as good as Clubber Lang knocks his opponents in Rocky 3.In fact if you look at them 2 closely you will notice that Tommy has a bigger upper body. James Clubber Lang è un personaggio cinematografico interpretato da Mr. T, avversario di Rocky Balboa, e antagonista principale nel film Rocky III del 1982, diretta da Sylvester Stallone. È presente anche in alcuni flashback nei successivi film della saga di Rocky: Rocky IV, Rocky V e Rocky Balbo Santiago Pianda 4,758,921 views. 5:35, Rocky III-Rocky Balboa Vs Clubber Lang Prte 3 (Audio Latino), Rocky Balboa Le Gana A Clubber Lang, Rocky 3 - Rocky Balboa Clubber Lang (Primera Pelea) - Español Latino HD, Rocky, campeó del mundo de los pesos pesados, se deja provocar una pelea por el aspirante Clubber Lang acaba perdiendo

Clubber Lang caught Rocky sleeping on the fight and took Rocky out with a barrage of hooks and power shots. Rocky went to Apollo Motherfucking Creed, former dominant champ who retired with only a single close loss (to Rocky) on his resume, and retrained himself to box Clubber, and got Clubber into deep water, tiring Lang out before finishing. And there's a lot of interesting material to mine out of Rocky III because, as I watched, I found myself rooting for Clubber Lang. Now, for a lot of reasons, 2020 is a lot different than 1982 We rewind for the fans. Sylvester Stallone remains one of the most iconic action hero's of all time. It's been a Rocky week here in the SportsMatters office. Rocky vs Clubber Lang aka MR T (Damn Fool) remains an iconic piece from our childhoods. Checkout the fight

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If you put these two characters from the ROCKY films in the ring against one another who would win??? I'm gonna go with Clubber. Rocky punched Clubber in the face like 400 times and Clubber was still talkin smack!! Plus Rocky had to change his entire style just to deal with Clubber!! Also Ivan wouldn't be able to deal with the PAIN that Clubber would be dishing out Jul 12, 2012 - Rocky Balboa vs Clubber Lang (Rocky III, 1982) Mantenha-se saudável e protegido(a). Lave as mãos, pratique o distanciamento social e confira nossos recursos para se adaptar a estes tempos

The post Rocky vs Clubber Lang (Erika vs Darrius) appeared first on Hit The Mat. This post first appeared on Mixed Boxing, Catfight Wrestling And Foxy Boxer Vi, please read the originial post: here. People also like. أسباب وهم سبق الرؤية وطرق التعامل معها. JAKKS PACIFIC 2006 Rocky 3 Rocky Balboa Vs Clubber Lang Rematch Action Figure - $56.00. Jakks Pacific 2006 Rocky 3 Rocky Balboa Vs Clubber Lang Rematch Action Figure. A little wear on corners and back of package little crease by the rocky head picture. Condition is New. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. 13339044276 Lang's career results following the second fight with Balboa are unknown; outside of a replay of the final round in the beginning of Rocky IV, he was not seen in any of the four films that followed. In one version of the script of Rocky Balboa, Clubber was one of the commentators of the Rocky vs. Mason fight

Drago, easily. I love Clubber Lang as much as the next guy (my favorite character), but Drago was too devastaing of a fighter to have Clubber beat him. I believe it would have been much like Apollo/Drago, only Clubber wouldn't have died. Nobody could have beaten Drago but Rocky. Clubber beats anybody else though ; Clubber was a better slugger than rocky so rocky had to change his style to beat him. Rocky out slugged Drago, plus drago was an amature and the only person he beat was old Apollo who didn't fight in like 8 years

clubber lang vs ivan drago let's say rocky didnt beat clubber in the rematch in rocky 3 , do you think clubber could of beaten drago 07-21-2004, 10:12 AM # Rocky vs. Clubber Lang. Rocky Balboa was on fire. He had ten successful title defenses in three years, and had gotten comfortable as the champion. This led to him underestimating a young fighter.

Las mejores ofertas para Camiseta Rocky Sylvester Stallone - rocky balboa vs clubber lang T-Shirt están en eBay Compara precios y características de productos nuevos y usados Muchos artículos con envío gratis 2 James Clubber Lang Mr. T playing the big bad in any movie sounds comedic in 2019, but in 1982, he was the biggest threat Rocky Balboa ever faced. As a hungry up-and-comer, Lang was fed up of being passed over for opportunities at the title, and he made sure to call out Balboa during a retirement ceremony

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Check out this stop-motion animation battle in the ring between Rocky Balboa and Clubber Lang using the Neca action figures of the two fighters. Eccentric Views on YouTube, who produced the video, also features other Rocky themed Neca fight recreations, be sure to check them out here Jan 7, 2015 - This Pin was discovered by Jonathan Friedman. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres Hey, you! Yes, you! The guy who was going to say Drago STOMPS Lang you idiot lol - I already know Drago beats Lang. That's not what this thread is about, so save your energy. Because of the fact that Drago is widely known to be Rocky's toughest opponent, hypothetical fights like these rarely warrant any discussion, so I'm looking deeper into it

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The wrecking machine known as Clubber Lang aka The Southside Slugger went to Rocky Balboa's statue unveiling and issued a challenge to the Heavyweight Champion of the World. Clubber got his match and defeated Rocky Balboa in a 2nd round knock out for the World Heavyweight title Clubber Lang is so much more likable than Rocky as well, i cant fathom how anyone could root againts him here. Lang works harder, he's better on the mic and at promotion, HE'S the f***ing underdog for f***'s sake! Seriously ROcky 3 is a movie in which the supposed antagonist is the underdog!???! Also, there's the issue of them being tied 1-1 music by Bill Conti - Conquest Rocky III. Rocky 3. Rocky Balboa Vs Clubber Lang....You Aint Nothing.... Final Fight Scene from Rocky III

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Rocky III is a 1982 American sports drama film written, directed by, and starring Sylvester Stallone. It is the third installment in the Rocky film series, a.. ZARA Rocky Vs. Clubber Lang III T-Shirt Mens - Black - Size Medium . Pre-Owned. $16.77. or Best Offer +$4.90 shipping. Watch. Rocky Balboa Versus Clubber Lang Men's T Shirt Boxing Fight Poster Mr T Stallone. Brand New. $19.50 to $24.50. Buy It Now. Free Shipping. 4+ watchers. Rocky 3 'Rocky v. Clubber Lang' Retro T-Shirt Men's Small Black. Clubber Lang was a character created by Sylvester Stallone as Rocky Balboa's main challenger in Rocky III and inflicts Rocky's first defeat on him in six years during the film Clubber Lang from Rocky 3 VS Ivan Drago from Rocky 4? Rocky Balboe fought both and beaten both but If Clubber and Ivan met face to face in a boxing match in a ring who would you think would win and why? Answer Save. 7 Answers. Relevance. Colt91- (formerly Robinson1018) Lv 5. 1 decade ago

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James Clubber Lang é um personagem fictício e o principal antagonista de Rocky Balboa no filme de 1982 Rocky III.O personagem foi interpretado por Mr. T, que tinha 29 anos de idade na época das gravações do filme.O personagem foi vagamente baseado em uma combinação de Sonny Liston, Larry Holmes e George Foreman. [1]Papel na série. No filme Rocky III, Rocky é o atual Campeão Mundial. Rocky III also marks the film debuts of Mr. T as James Clubber Lang, and of professional wrestler Hulk Hogan as the supporting character Thunderlips. Rocky III is the first installment in the series to be distributed by MGM/UA rather than United Artists alone, after United Artists' amalgamation into MGM in 1981 Greetings! I know Rocky IV came out a LONG time ago, but why did they not have Clubber Lang go against Ivan Drago? (Or for that matter, how did CB suddenly drop from the lime light after losing to Rocky?) I think considering how badly both of them beat up ole' Rocky it would have been a pretty good match up Prove the underdog can WIN in ROCKY apparel and wrestling gear. The Rocky film series plays an important role in the lives of wrestlers and fans of the sport. It ingrains the idea that when hard work is combined with an insatiable hunger, you can accomplish anything. Shop the complete ROCKY collection here at RUDI On his night Creed should beat Balboa, but Rocky had the smarts to sort Apollo out before changing his fight plan to beat Clubber. I reckon Creed would then toy with Lang like a cat plays with a mouse and then stretches him whenever he feels like it after round 5

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Rocky Vs Clubber Lang mp3 gratuit telechargez sur Mp3 Monde. Télécharger le gratuitement et maintenant la dernière Rocky Vs Clubber Lang télécharger musique ici, où vous pouvez trouver la dernière Rocky Vs Clubber Lang résultats sur le web Biographie. Clubber Lang est un boxeur noir très prometteur originaire de Chicago.Il vient de la rue. Alors que Rocky Balboa est champion du monde des poids lourds, Clubber monte petit à petit dans le circuit mondial. L'homme qu'on surnomme le matraqueur de Chicago en vient d'ailleurs à être classé challenger n o 1, et ne souhaite plus qu'une chose : rencontrer Rocky et l'humilier sur.

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All'angolo sinistro: CLUBBER LANG, contendente di Rocky nel terzo episodio della fortunata saga (citando Wiki, ma la fortuna nella saga di Rocky non c'entra un cazzo).Cattivo, insidioso, pesante, metallico, impeto e cuore, coscienza di sè. All'angolo destro: APOLLO CREED, bello come il dio del sole di cui porta il nome e palloso come il gruppo rock americano di cui porta il cognome Apr 23, 2019 - Rocky Balboa vs Clubber Lang by agusgusart. Directed by Sylvester Stallone. With Sylvester Stallone, Talia Shire, Burt Young, Carl Weathers Rocky 3 is not a bad movie,as far as the series goes.it has lots of action,some good training sequences and some dramatic moments.however it lacks something that the first 2 have.and that is heart.it just doesn't have the depth of that they have.this is not a tangible thing,but more a feeling.if you watch Rocky 3,you will understand.the antagonist,(villain)Clubber Lang,Rocky's rival,is fairly. Rocky III es una película estadounidense del año 1982, dirigida, escrita y protagonizada por Sylvester Stallone. Es la tercera entrega de la saga de Rocky. Su elenco incluye a Mr. T, Carl Weathers, Burt Young, Burgess Meredith, Talia Shire y Tony Burton, en los papeles estelares. Fue nominada a un premio Oscar de la Academia en 1983 por Mejor canción original (Eye of the Tiger) Mr. T , as Clubber Lang, in action vs Sylvester Stallone, as Rocky Balboa, during boxing fight sequence on the set of Rocky III movie. Los Angeles, CA Neil Leifer OA1053 ) Get premium, high resolution news photos at Getty Image

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See these awesome Rocky Balboa Vs Clubber Lang LEGO inspired Mini Figures. Fans of the Rocky franchise will absolutely love these fantastic toys . This is not a LEGO® Product. These are re-used LEGO compatible elements that have been repackaged from their original form As for Rocky, the book says that he retires after the Drago fight and Clubber Lang (Mr. T's character from Rocky III) is the reigning champ. Returning to the Rol Relating the ongoing adventures of a group of Vikings, the Spitsberg Pirates, as they attempt to plunder a frozen alien ruin on the shore. But a close second is Clubber Lang - I think Drago is a little overrated, he's essentially just a hunk of meat until Creed 2 gave him a bit of depth. Lang has a fire to him, and it sort of plays with the underdog nature of the series by having him in that position. He's underdeveloped, but I think conceptually he's great Creed had zero interest in fighting when consistently goaded by Clubber Lang in Rocky III, but years later, he wants to scratch that lingering itch against an unknown Russian whose wife has made.

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Rocky vs Clubber lang Este es el tercer dibujo de la serie ROCKY que hago, en un principio me plantee hacer 3 dibujos y con este creo que cierro esta serie. Más abajo se podrán ver los anteriores. Información del artist Officially Licensed Rocky Shirts - Rocky Villain Tees: Ivan Drago Shirts, Clubber Lang Shirts, Apollo Creed Shirts - We have Micky Goldmill Shirts Too - Cut Me Mick! - Rocky Quote Shirts - If He Dies, He Dies - Prediction? Pain - Eat Lightning and Crap Thunder - Mick's Gym Shirts - Rocky III Shirts - Rocky IV Shirts - page After Rocky's extended homoerotic training sequence with Apollo Creed, he kicks Clubber Lang's ass in a mere three rounds. Ivan Drago, on the other hand, takes Rocky the full fifteen rounds- and that's after Rocky's most severe and dedicated training ever

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James Clubber Lang 1982 yapımı Rocky III filminde, Rocky Balboa'nın rakibi olarak ortaya çıkan kurgusal bir karakter ve Antagonistdir.Clubber Lang karakteri Sonny Liston, Larry Holmes ve George Foreman'ın özelliklerini bir arada bulundurmaktadır. Clubber Lang, Mr. T tarafından canlandırılmıştır. Lang, Rocky III filminde son derece kaba ve ahlak yoksunu olarak gösterilmiştir Neither was the ring general a serious Rocky was, but i think Clubber would weather the initial (1st tound) Drago storm, and then we'd see Drago in the same situation he was in w. Rocky. The only way Drago wins is if the fight goes long, as Clubber didnt have Rocky's stamina, but these two would likely just middle of the ring toe to toe it.

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